How do you manage your contacts?

After yesterday's post on 'how good are you at staying in touch' a couple of contacts asked how can you 'manage' your contacts. It's becoming a problem for them because they use a combination of Outlook and other software and online networks are adding complexity.

Here are some things that I do to help manage the interactions with my network:

1. I use our internal contact management system in the member area of the NRG-networks website.
2. In Outlook I arrange my contacts into categories so that I can ensure I am spending enough time with my Inner Network & Advocates. I talked about these categories in a podcast, How to start building your network.
3. I arrange my online contacts into lists or groups on the different platforms.
4. I use an Outlook plug in from which shows me whether a contact is on Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter together with their latest updates.

I would be very interested in learning how you manage your contacts.

Good Networking!
Dave Clarke
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