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Wireless Headsets: 5 Common Causes of Defects

Indeed, technology has come a long way. Several decades ago, people would have never thought that they would be able to listen to music even without the speaker on. Today, music lovers have the freedom to listen to any kind of music they want without disturbing other people around them. That is just one of the benefits of phone headsets.

However, manufacturers were not satisfied with just the simple headphones so they developed wireless headsets. Overall, they function similarly to wired ones. The only physical difference is that they do not require a connecting cord to the phone or music playback device before they are able to play the music. But no matter how cool this device may be, there are still certain factors and conditions which cause it to become defective.

Here are five of them:

1.    Poor management – There are some headset owners who just throw their headsets after taking them off. Even if the area is a soft cushion, throwing the headset might lead to loose parts inside the device.
2.    Liquid – Because your headset still requires electric power, it is does not react well when placed in water. You may not notice it, but perspiration can also cause damage to your device, especially if it managed to seep through. Moisture is also a common suspect, though its effects are not that sudden.
3.    Overstretching – Some headsets which can be worn for the entire day might get overstretched, especially when fitting different head sizes. It is recommended that the headset is used by just one person.
4.    Dangerous areas – Areas which can cause defects to headsets include microwaves, radiation, and other places which can disrupt the flow of signals between the headset and the device.
5.    Manufacturer defects – There are some instances wherein the owner was able to take care of the device properly, yet it still sustained a defect. In this case, the defect may be caused by a manufacturing glitch or damage. Fortunately, you will be able to get free repair service from the manufacturer if this is the case.

These are five of the most common causes of defects in wireless headsets. If you have already bought one for you or your child and it got defective, then you can point out any of these causes. For the first four points, you cannot do anything to obtain free technical support or assistance from the manufacturer. That is because you were the one who caused the defect. On the other hand, the fifth reason is valid enough for you to get free repair services from the store or manufacturer, provided that it is still under warranty.

As you can see, no matter how advanced or high-tech a device might be, it could still get defective if not handled properly. That only means wireless headsets are not immune to defects and damages. If you do not want this to happen to your device, then make sure you check its manual and guide booklet right away. That way, you would be aware what you should and shouldn’t do with it.